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Founded in 2004, eDirectConnect Inc. is at the forefront of data management, serving both online and offline segments. Our business model is simple: under-promise and over-deliver.

We will always strive to generate you the best results, more importantly focus on meeting your expectations. This can be achieved by working intimately with you to deliver the best performing offers. Ultimately, we will work diligently to increase your revenue streams month after month.

eDirectConnect is well experienced in the affiliate marketing, lead generation, call center and data monetization space. But we can let results speak for us first. Contact us today and let’s see how we can collaborate.

Email Monetization

Are you a list owner or data generator? Are you letting revenue on the table month after month?  EDC has more than 10 years of data management experience.  We can help you increase your revenue reports every month.

Call Center Monetization

Bridging the gap between data generators and call centers to maximize returns for both partners to facilitate a long lasting relationship. It all starts with the data generation process…EDC can help!


Are you a list owner or data generator? Are you letting revenue on the table month after month? EDC has more than 15 years of data management experience working with our partners. Like everyone we have had to evolve how we do what we do to meet the every changing world of email marketing, we continue to over deliver on our partners expectations.

All data management companies are not the same, just like all data assets are not the same. Each data asset has its strengths and weaknesses. Our process of data management starts with evaluating where and how the data is generated. Compliance is the basis of everything we do at EDC. If it is not compliant we will work with you to get it complaint before we begin the process.

The Process is seamless and painless from a technology stand point. We import the data via post and do all the behind the scene processing of verifying, validation and data hygiene, all in an effort to increase deliverability. What does all this mean to you? Increased revenue reports every month.

Contact us today to start the process of data evaluation.


Bridging the gap between data generators and call centers to maximize returns for both partners to facilitate a long lasting relationship. It all starts with the data generation process, while insuring the adherence to industry compliance standards (TCPA and DNC).

Contact us today to start the compliance evaluation.

eDirectConnect Can Help You To:

  • Proactively engage your sales and marketing organizations. If you are a service-based operation, reach out to the sales and marketing functions. Explore how and where service can integrate the call center as a strategic sales channel without compromising your service and customer experience mandates. In fact, you might find the opportunities to be aligned. Yes, you’ll have to adapt the team, retrain, revisit operational metrics and look at incentives, but those are all things that you’re good at anyway.
  • Collaborate across brands for incremental revenue. Traditionally, we think about cross selling and up-selling our company’s own products and services. However, today, profitable cross and up-selling initiatives are more likely to be done with relevant partners. It’s a model companies in the travel industry have been utilizing for years. For example, if I sell airline tickets and you sell hotel rooms, we can offer one another’s products to each of our customers. The odds are good that there will be demand. These relationships can be structured as a shared-revenue model, or as a fee-based, pay-as-you-go model, depending on what is most mutually beneficial.
  • Engage with relevant partners to provide additional value-added products or services on a call-transfer fee basis. Essentially, company A sells a call transfer to company B. It’s called partnership marketing and is the collaboration between two or more companies with similar marketing needs, a common audience or complementary products. Companies engage in partnership marketing to increase customer awareness, sales and create added value for the customer – and to convert a contact center into a profit center.
  • Utilize information. (Revenue in this case). Information is power. Customer insights are gold to marketing teams. Particularly with new developments in big data, an incredible amount is available. Contact centers can expose and direct customer interaction data where it can be best leveraged to generate incremental revenue for the company. Collaborate with your marketing department on the kind of information that exists and can be obtained on customer calls.
  • Explore, incorporate the latest technologies and capabilities. Work at turning the latest available technologies into revenue opportunities for your company: customer channels, such as social media, provide new opportunities to interact with customers; engagement tools, such as click-to-talk, are being revisited with the adoption of smartphones; and access to broader and deeper customer data sets present new opportunities to personalize product offers.

Why eDirectConnect?

  • Experience
  • Return on Investment
  • Ease of Implementation
  • On Time Payments

EDC Skills

  • List Monetization – Email, Phone and Postal
  • Data Hygiene – Improve the quality of your data.
  • Data Segmentation
  • Email Marketing – We get into the inbox.

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